Machine Learning workshop IN2P3-IRFU

Date de début :
26/09/2022 10:00
Date de fin :
28/09/2022 16:00
amphithéatre Pierre Gilles De Gennes - APC

1 ML for object identification and reconstruction
2 ML for analysis : event classification, statistical
analysis and inference, including anomaly detectio
3 ML for simulation and surrogate model :
Application of Machine Learning to simulation or
other cases where it is deemed to replace an
existing complex model
4 Fast ML : Application of Machine Learning to
DAQ/Trigger/Real Time Analysis
5 ML infrastructure : Hardware and software for
Machine Learning
6 ML training, courses, tutorial, open datasets and
7 ML for phenomenology and theory (only if does
not fit in Tracks above)
8 ML for particle accelerators (only if does not fit in
Tracks above)
IN2P3/IRFU Machine Learning workshop / Programme Scientifique
9 Other

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