Quark Matter 2011

Date de début :
23/05/2011 08:00
Date de fin :
28/05/2011 12:00
Théâtre Bonlieu

The Quark Matter series of conferences has the objective of reuniting world specialist experimental and theoretical physicists in the discipline of heavy ion physics.

Our purely fundamental research consists of studying matter down to the subatomic level: to understand how the elementary constituents organised themselves in order to form current matter and to understand how this organisation emerged from the primordial matter created by the Big Bang at the beginning of the universe.

Also to be discussed are the different leading technologies necessary for the development of more powerful experimental tools as well as material and software tools to treat the never before seen quantity of data.

The QM2011 conference will have an exceptional resonance since the first results from the most powerful accelerator in the world, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which started at the end of 2009 at CERN will be presented. This event is the fruition of one of the largest technological enterprises ever put in place for fundamental research.

The Quark Matter 2011 conference is the twenty-second edition of this prestigious series of international conferences organised approximately every 2 years since 1982. Previous editions have taken place in Shanghai (China) 2006, Jaipur (India) 2008 and Knoxville (USA) 2009.