Les Rencontres du Vietnam 2014 : Physics at LHC and beyond

Date de début :
10/08/2014 08:00
Date de fin :
17/08/2014 12:00
Quy Nhon

The topics addressed during this Conference are as follows.

An overview of the legacy results of the LHC experiments with 7 and 8 TeV data on Standard Model physics, Scalar sector and searches for New Physics.

A discussion of the readiness of the CMS, ATLAS, and LHCb experiments for the forthcoming high-energy run and status of the detector upgrades

A review of the most up-to-date theory outcome on cross-sections and uncertainties, phenomenology of the scalar sector, constraints and portals for new physics.

The presentation of the improvements and of the expected sensibilities for the Run 2 of the LHC at 13 TeV and beyond.
A comparison of the relative scientific merits of the future projects for hadron and e+e- colliders (HL-LHC, HE-LHC, ILC, CLIC, TLEP, VHE-LHC) towards precision measurements of the Scalar boson properties and of the Electroweak-Symmetry-Breaking parameters, and towards direct searches for New Physics.