International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) Public Conference 2007

Date de début :
21/06/2007 09:00
Date de fin :
22/06/2007 13:00

Assessing the quality and impact of research : practices and initiatives in scholarly information.

Scientific and Technical Information plays a key role in research assessment and valuation processes. The advent of the information society, and its accompanying information and communication technologies, has generated new practices in knowledge production and knowledge sharing alike. As a consequence to this paradigm shift, alternatives to the traditional publishing model have emerged and have paved the way for the major players, i.e. the researchers, to regain control over scholarly communication.
Because of such a changing environment, research quality assessment and its objectives are brought to the forefront. The very notion of scientific quality is being questioned as today the quality of an article is often based on the impact factor of the journal that publishes it rather than on its inherent value, whereas the new digital environment allows for alternative, usage-based metrics.
The aim of this conference will be not only to review current practices in assessing and qualifying research but also to go further and investigate the impact of initiatives such as ‘open peer review’ and collaborative filtering. More generally, it will investigate what changes the processes and objectives of science evaluation are likely to undergo as a consequence of the new communication vectors.