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I-Expo 2009
Séance plénière 5 : E-Research / E-Infrastructure and roles for libraries and the scientific information community (1819) - Jeudi 18 juin 2009 09:45 - 11:25

Séance plénière 5 : E-Research / E-Infrastructure and roles for libraries and the scientific information community

Session internationale

The way research is conducted is undergoing fundamental changes brought about by the advent of eResearch, the uptake of web technologies and the application of advanced computing techniques. E-Research and e-infrastructure are at the heart of the great ambitions and promise of science in this new century. Changes in the conduct and nature of science - notably the adoption of new scientific collaborative practices and IT technologies - present both novel requirements and exciting opportunities for success in meeting this challenge. In this context, E-research and e-infrastructure have the potential to be transformational within research libraries and the information community by impacting their operations, functions, and possibly even their missions.

This plenary session will address questions such as:
- What is e-research / what is e-infrastructure and why does it matter to the information community?
- What are the needs of scientists using large data sets?
- Which services are required to foster understanding in scientific processes?
- How can e-research profit from the experiences, methods and technologies of digital library research and development?
- What are the new ways in which information professionals can collaborate with and support scientific researchers?
- Which core differences between these two communities' approaches may hinder progress and successful collaboration?

Animateur : Jan BRASE, DOI Registration Manager, German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB) ; Hervé PÉRO, Head of the Research Infrastructures Unit, Directorate B, European Commission, Brussels ; Liz LYON, Director, UKOLN, University of Bath, UK


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